Micro Markets

Irish Vending are pleased to offer Micro Markets Solutions to businesses across Ireland. These Covid 19 Friendly Micro Market Solutions offer a 24/7 Canteen Service with no need for onsite staff to manage. Our Micro Market Solutions are ideal for busy workplaces looking to adhere to social distancing guidelines set out by the H.S.E. and also provide a state of the art canteen services for the employees.

Our Micro Market Solutions come with a host of innovative options to make breaktimes fun, enjoyable, and most importantly safe for your colleagues. The Mobile Friendly App allows users to make purchases without the need to touch kiosks, while our Fridge Handles can be opened with your forearm, meaning less touching with the hands and need for sanitisation. Our Micro Market Services are also a fraction of the cost of a regular canteent and come with many more benefits. 

Our Micro Markets are packed full of the foods your customers enjoy with all the top brands and can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of your employees. 



Our Micro Market Solutions offer a highly flexibile snack and beverage solution tailored to your employees needs. 


Micro Market Canteen solutions come with touchless pay options, forearm operated doors and no need for onsite staff to manage. 


Our Micro Market Solutions can be set up at  fraction of the cost of operating a regular canteen. 

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