Cashless Vending Machines

Why you should go Cashless?

Your vending machine is already saving time, boosting productivity and lifting morale, but now you can make the experience even more efficient with our Cashless vending systems! 

Cashless vending machines have proven to be more convenient, faster and hassle free for employees, visitors and anyone accessing snacks and drinks at your vending machine.

Since these machines only require a swipe of a card, purchasing items is much quicker. The recognition software means that staff and clients will be spending literally seconds at the machine and ends the inconvenience of digging through pockets and purses for that loose change.

Cashless vending is the way of the future.

Irish vending are pleased to introduce cashless vending machines for ease of purchase for both business and end consumer. It matches Irish market trends as it’s estimated that cashless payments will account for 60-70% of purchases over the next few years. Indeed, for some millennials it is already their practice to never carry cash.

Purchases from cashless vending machines can be as much as 25% higher which is an indication of how many unsatisfied purchasers are caught short without the correct change. 

How it works?

A simple contactless payment ensures your snack or drink is dispensed quickly. Secure payments options are the norm in business these days and now it will be faster and more convenient to purchase delicious snacks with just a swipe of your credit, debit card or mobile phone. The balance between security and ease of payment is met by conforming to the highest industry security standards.   

Most payment cards have built in security chips, which add more encryptions method the transaction ensuring a fast, secure and easy purchasing experience.

The ability to offer snacks, drinks and treats conveniently and efficiently is a real benefit to any workplace, office or waiting room. It boosts morale and productivity and avoids those dangerous ‘sugar slumps’ and ‘hangry’ moments.

A cashless vending machines can make the experience faster and easier.  

All our Vending Machinges are Environmentally friendly with a Triple A rating.





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