Healthy Vending

The future of Snack Food.

Healthy Vending has been at the forefront of the move to healthy options in vending machines. Following on recent modern lifestyle trends, Healthy Vending have sourced and stock a wide range of low fat and sugar free products suitable for vending machine. This range of delicious, healthy products include seeds, nuts, dried fruit, baked crisps, granola bars. These options are not just good for you, they tastes great too! We also offer a tantalising choice of natural juices and botanic drinking water to keep you hydrated.

The benefits of healthy eating as part of a modern lifestyle, are widely known and celebrated.  Increased energy, improved general health, mentally and physically, and a trimmer figure are just some of the gains to be had from making slight changes to daily eating habits. Convenience can be the key to choosing the right snack. Healthy vending places excellent choices right at your fingertips.

Now you can snack on delicious and healthy products with less calories, less fat and more nutritional value. Increasingly, consumers are choosing healthy options over the more traditional snacks and the popularity of healthy vending is on to rise. This contributes to making healthy vending one of the fastest growing business’s in the catering industry, particularly with our many Dublin clients. 

Currently we would recommend stocking at least 30% healthy options (less fat, less sugar, cereal bars etc.) in vending machines. As one of the main providers of healthy vending machines in the Greater Dublin area, our expert staff will be pleased to provide you with samples of healthy options and to advise on the best products for your particular needs. View some of our healthy product range here.



We currently offer four tailored systems:

Healthy Vending Systems - "Sports"

More protein bars, seeds and nuts, along with rehydrating and energy drinks are the hallmarks of this specifically designed gym and sports club snack menu.


Healthy Vending Systems - "Work"

A balance of what is good for you and a little bit of luxury to make the workday a more pleasurable experience. On site snacks to keep energy levels and good humour at an optimum.


Healthy Vending Systems - "Hotels"

Our experience of vending machines in large and small hotel settings is invaluable when choosing the products and machine where waiting cannot be avoided. Healthy vending is the obvious choice for all hotels and B&B's.






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