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Healthy Vending Choices

At healthy Vending we try to provide a range of products that allows consumers to make a healthy choice for their snacks, in addition to the regular options our machines contain approximately 30% of healthy products. Products that are reduced in fat and sugar.

Healthy cater to new lifestyle choices that require healthy snack and beverage alternatives. Whether you are considering vending machines for the first time or looking for an enhanced vending service, Irish Vending is here to serve you.


Healthy Vending Systems - "Schools"

In keeping with the ‘healthy eating options of many schools and colleges, we offer a healthy vending option which includes popcorn, flapjacks, cereal bars, smoothies and flavoured waters. The next generation in healthy eating.

Healthy Vending Systems - "Sports"

More protein bars, seeds and nuts, along with rehydrating and energy drinks are the hallmarks of this specifically designed gym and sports club snack menu.

Healthy Vending Systems - "Work"

A balance of what is good for you and a little bit of luxury to make the workday a more pleasurable experience. On site snacks to keep energy levels and good humour at an optimum.

Healthy Vending Systems - "Hotels’"

Our experience of vending machines in large and small hotel settings is invaluable when choosing the products and machine where waiting cannot be avoided. Healthy vending is the obvious choice for all hotels and B&B's.

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