Healthy Vending

At healthy Vending we try to provide a range of products that allows consumers to make a healthy choice for their snacks, in addition to the regular options our machines contain approximately 30% of healthy products. Products that are reduced in fat and sugar.

Healthy cater to new lifestyle choices that require healthy snack alternatives. Whether you are considering vending machines for the first time or looking for an enhanced vending service, Irish Vending is here to serve you.


The benefits of having a healthy vending machine are endless!


Our Healthy Products Range:

Crisps and Snacks
  • Tayto Advantage
  • Tayto Velvet Crunch
  • Walkers Baked Crisps
  • Perri Popcorn
  • Muncheze Bombay / Cashew Nuts
  • Vending Prezels
Sweet Things
  • Nakd Natural Apple Pie
  • Nakd Oat Cakes
  • Nakd Berry Cheeky Bar
  • Nakd Cocoa Loco Bar
  • Panda LicoriceSweet THings
  • De Bron Fruit Toffees,
  • De Bron Cherry Gums,
  • De Bron Butter Toffee
  • De Bron Sugar Free Gum
  • Cavalier Low Cal Chocolate
  • Cavalier Low Fat Strawberry
  • vending Belgian Chocolate
Fruit and Nuts
  • Muncheze Strawberry And Banana Trail Mix
  • Muncheze Organic Cashew Pieces And Raisins
  • Muncheze Organic Nut Feast
  • Muncheze Fruit And Berry Mix
  • Muncheze Fruit and Nut Mix
  • Eat Natural Bar With Peanuts, Cranberries, Pistacios And Milk Chocolate
  • Eat Natural Bar With Cranberries, Macadamias And Dark Chocolate
  • Eat Natural Bar With Brazils, Sultanas, Almonds And Hazelnuts
  • Wallabybar Macademia & Fruit - Gluten Free Bar
  • Raisin Pouches Orange/ Lemon / Cherry (new!)
  • BarFruits and Nut
  • More Pecan & Caramel Bar
  • More Chocolate Orange Bar
  • Sesame Snaps
  • Good 4 U Seeds
  • Woddies Hazelnut Bar (New!)
  • Stable Diet Assorted Flapjacks
  • Stable Diet Miracle Munch Bar
  • Ballygowan Peach Mineral Water
  • Ballygowan Blueberry Flavoured Mineral Water
  • Ballygowan Strawberry Flavoured Mineral Water
  • River Rock Lemon Grass / Forest Fruits Sparkling Water
  • Be Healthy Pure Orange / Apple / Cranberry Juice
  • Be Healthy Strawberry / Banana / Mango / SmoothiesJuice
  • Provamel Banana Soya Milk
  • Provamel Strawberry Soya Milk
  • Ellas Kitchen Kids Fruit Smoothies
  • Rice Dream Organic Rice Milk
  • Whole Earth Organic Cranberry / Cola
  • Lemonade / Drink
Energy Vending Products (for the gym)
  • Power Bar Fit'n'Lite Multifruit-Carrot Drink
  • PowerBar Fit'n'Lite
  • Pineapple Drink
  • PowerBar Ladies & Gents Vending Protein Bars



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