Cash and Cashless Vending Post Covid

In March 2020 Irish Vending was informing our customers about Cashless Vending. None of our customers had specifically requested card readers at that stage. We were slowly introducing Nayax Cashless Systems onto some of our vending machines when Covid struck.


We quickly realised that despite the huge loss of sales the vending industry experienced during covid, a large investment was going to have to be made into Contactless Payment Systems.

Luckily the government support schemes enabled us to invest in Nayax Card Readers so that now all our vending machines have contactless and coin options.

Post pandemic the vending businesses that invested in Card Readers have an advantage. Why? Because customers will not allow a vending machine to be installed that does not accept card payments. 70% of all our vending transactions are now cashless but there is still a place for cash. Customers over 40 still use some amount of cash. It is the younger population that vending sales are almost all contactless.


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